Wednesday, 8 March 2017

the International Day for the Fight for Women’s rights at AVO

This was an amazing day at AVO. Despite the fact that there were celebrations going on in Koudougou, AVO women go to work as usual. They come, just like every other day, with their babies or small children and weave.

Volunteers asked them what they know about the International Day for the Fight for Women’s rights. They answered, “it is a day of celebration, of happiness.” They said that what is of utmost importance for them on that day is to see that their families are in good health. Some of them say joke and say that they will ask to their husbands to cook. 

It appears that they don’t exactly know the real significance of the day and despite the fact that it is a public holiday in Burkina Faso, all of AVO’s women come to work like normal.
Thus it is obvious that these women keep it at the forefront of their minds, that it is only their work which guarantees their families’ well-being, which for them is key.

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