Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Hands Up for Human Rights #humanrightsday


Celebrating United Nations Human Rights Day here at AVO! 

This last week we held our awareness session on hygiene and the importance of education with almost 100 children, who visit AVO for the community meals every two weeks. We then held team-building games and arts activites to try initiate a buddy system amongst them. Most of the children had never even asked each other's names before, so we set up a mural of their hands and names - to make everyone child proud to be a part of Team AVO.

Going through the surveys with the kids at AVO's community meal.
Hands Up for Children's Rights!

We also arranged to hire a professional dyeing technician to come and train AVO's women here in Koudougou, for whom the primary source of income is their dyeing and weaving products. The training lasted a full two days, and we were lucky enough to watch, take part, and keep the kids distracted for a while! We hope to keep supporting AVO to provide IGA training for vulnerable women, to help them better support themselves and their families. 

AVO women take charge of their human rights in an IGA training sesssion!

And just a quick word from the team, and why human rights is important to us: 

Lilly Harvey
Radiyatou Bangagne
Nadia-Mei Ribot-Smith
Paul Ouedraogo
Sam Morgan
Abbie Izzard
Rohanna Nilsson (and Eliase)
Philippe Mone
Ousseni Pare

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