Saturday, 12 August 2017

Let me introduce you to the 4th cohort of volunteers working at AVO

Welcome to Team AVO Cohort 4

Secular and non-profit, AVO is a Non-Governmental Organisation located in Koudougou and working in sectors and villages of the province of Boulkiemdé since February 2001. AVO is an association which works to primarily protect widows and orphans, but also vulnerable members of the wider community.

We are a group of 12, enthusiastic about life and and eager to make a difference in any way we can. Arrived in Koudougou with backpacks on our backs and big dreams on our minds. We believe that with the help of International Service and our partner organisation Association Aide aux Veuves et Orphelins (AVO) we can challenge every injustice and make a difference in the community. 

Meet our team leaders : Nelly and Alhassan

The dynamic duo, here in Koudougou to lead AVO Cohort 4 into a new and revolutionary direction. 

"My name is Alhassan. I studied Philosophy at university and worked in a school for learning disabilities after I graduated. I am here to take part in the journey of AVO and to contribute what little I can to it's mission to improve the lives of women and orphans, and hopefully discover something about myself along the way."

"My name is Nelly. I studied Law and International Relations. I would like to help children and young people achieve their goals, discover themselves and perhaps discover myself on this journey."

"My name is Saffron. I study dietetics at the University of Chester. I'm doing ICS to challenge myself, test my character and make a difference within one of the poorest communities across the globe"

"My name is Kadi. I want to improve the conditions of the lives of orphans and widows. I also want to improve my literary skills and learn more about the products created by AVO."

"My name is Thomas. I study Criminology at the University of Durham. I have joined ICS to experience living in a new culture and embrace all the challenges that it brings. I hope that this programme allows me to improve lives and make a contribution to change the world."

"My name is Chieck. I study Political Science. I would like to share my ideas to help improve the way the organisation functions. I like spending time with my friends. I would like to teach literary skills. I also have good communication skill which I can use to raise awareness."

"My name is Kiera. I studied Politics at the University of Sheffield. I wanted to emerge myself in a completely new culture and ICS offers an interesting way to explore and understand what being Burkinabe is all about. ICS is also a great way to gain cross-cultural communication skills."

"My name is Aisseta. I study mining engineering. i would like to help AVO in executing their activities. I would also like to teach children English and contribute to the protection of the environment."

"My name is Rebecca. I study Medicine at the University of Cambridge. I wanted to immerse myself into something completely new to challenge myself and change the world."

"My name is Pascal. I studied Law at the University of Ouagadougou. I want to contribute my skills to raising awareness. I also want to teach children French." 

"My name is Rubaiyath. I will be studying International Relations and Politics at the University of Manchester. I have joined the ICS programme to experience and embrace all that life has to offer me. In turn I hope to use this experience to try and work hard to improve lives and make people happy."

"My name is Rony. I study water and sanitation. I want to help achieve the emancipation and education of women and children. I also want to raise awareness on development and agriculture. "

Our aim as a Cohort 4 of Team AVO is to work with the women and children in Koudougou and the surrounding province of AVO. We aim to raise awareness on issues such as sanitation, rights of women and children, sexually transmitted infections (STI) , breast cancer and obstetric fistulas. All of which are issues pertinent to the immediate AVO community and neighbouring communities. These awareness raising sessions will be carried out by our volunteers and experts in the field. 

We also have plans to work extensively with the women working with AVO and neighbouring villages to teach them income-generating activities such as soap making. We hope to continue the great work already carried out by AVO such as the community meals for the children. We have decided to make an addition of English, Maths, French and Nutrition classes to further enrich their lives. 

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